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CryptTV new Playlist "Would You Rather?" "Suspenseful Moments of 2015" and "Playing with the Devil" "Call Girl" Horror Shorts

To learn about the game/ritual from this short-film and others check out this Article, but play at your own risk: 
  T.o.T.3 Games/Rituals

Forgotten Day in Fright: Sept 3
Forgotten Day in Fright: 26 years ago today Into The Woods wrapped its first Broadway performance, helping drive Stephen Sondheim's later film adaption of SWEENEY TODD.
Posted by Crypt TV on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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New Green Inferno Poster, plus more than 40 trailers

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Deadpool Trailer Inside:
Deadpool Trailer Inside @CryptTV

Alien Tampon Trailer

Warning: The following Trailer is disturbing and funny @CryptTV

CryptTV Exclusive, opening scene from The Gallows